Gallico, Paul

Born in New York City, of Italian and Austrian parentage, in 1897, he worked as sports editor, columnist and assistant managing editor on the New York Daily News. He settled down in South Devon in 1936. It was in 1941 that he made his name with The snow goose, a classic little story of Dunkirk, which became a world-wide best-seller. During the WW2, he was a correspondant with the American Expiditionnary Force in 1944. To know more of this successful writer and his work, here a dedicated website

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samedi 30 avril 2011
par  jackie

The snow goose - A short story of Dunkirk

Philip Rhayader is a lonely hunchbacked artist, painter of birds and nature, who lives in an abandoned lighthouse in the marshlands of Essex. He withdrawn from the human society because of the rebuffade his ugly face, crippled arm, disabled body, inspired to the people. In his sanctuary for (...)


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